Chapter OneEdit

It was a bright day in Ponyville. Everypony was out on their daily routines; collecting their items from the markets, eating treats at Sugarcube corner, or, in the case of some pegasi, resting up in the clouds.

Or, at least, almost everypony. Inside of her house sat the cyan unicorn Diamond Mint, decorated in some rather... odd garments. Her indigo and purple mane was ruffled as she suckled on her pacifier quietly, reading her book. And, as usual when her roommate was away, adorning her flank was a thick diaper she had retrieved through the pharmacy at Canterlot. She knew she didn't have long to enjoy herself.

Her roommate, Sea Swirl, was coming home today, after five days spent playing with dolphins at the Canterlot Aquarium. Sea Swirl didn't know a thing about the other mare's play habits, and Diamond had the odd feeling that if she ever did, it wouldn't be good. It would never be good for her to find out.