Chapter OneEdit

The blue unicorn mare collapsed on her bed and sighed. Having arrived home from her final day at the Dentistry firm with no bits for the bills, a bite of concern reached her face.

Not an hour ago, her fellow colleague and head dentist Dr. Paste announced that the Dentistry had gone bankrupt. He had sent everyone home - the firm was to shut down and all remaining appointments refunded and cancelled.

And that left Colgate Minuette here without a job and worrying about the utilities of her small Canterlot home. The pony sighed again, opening a small drawer next to her bed. Inside were the items that would calm her worries, make her feel a tad bit better about herself.

But it was also her deepest, darkest secret. Whenever doing it, no matter exhilarating it felt, she always felt guilty and wrong afterwards. Sometimes, it got so overwhelming that she would find herself bawling. She felt like a freak. But she couldn't help herself anymore than she could accept it.

Inside the drawer were a number of foalish items. A pacifier, which Colgate foalishy referred to as a binky, a stuffed toy given to her by a friend that she called "Mr. Whiskers," foal powder, wipes, and, her favorite part, a number of thick, white diapers. She used her magic to take one out of the drawer, and stared at it for possibly the longest time with a look of nerve-wracking fear spread across her face.

Thoughts raced through her head as she hesitated.

I need this. It will help me feel better... NO. This is wrong, so, so totally wrong! It's weird and I shouldn't be doing this! But... I'm stressed out... I deserve this... Oh Celestia I am such a freak! In and out, the thoughts went. Brazen insecurity on one hoof and doubtless guilt on the other seemed to be her options.

Suddenly, the clock on her wall hit twelve; a loud ding erupting through her room.

"Oh, wait... OH NO, I was supposed to meet Steamy at the park today - AT TWELVE! I'm late!"

She rushed from the room, using her magic to teleport without even opening the front door. She was saved by the clock.

"So, that's why I'm out of a job. I don't know what to do." The unicorn poked at her sandwich, not sure if she would eat it or not. The past half an hour had racked the poor mare's nerves. She had spent the better of the hour explaining to her friend the day's events.

"Aww, man. That sucks," the green pegasus sitting across from her answered. "I'm so sorry you're having to go through that. Is there anything I can do to help?"

Unlike Colgate, the other mare was scarfing down her own sandwich between sentences. Steam Phoenix was her name, the olive green pegasus with an old english X for a cutie mark. The mare was an avid do-anything-and-everything pony, with writing and music production being her favored past times (writing was actually what the 'X' on her flank represented; in other words, her special talent). She wasn't hard with manners as everypony else in Canterlot, but she had a kind, gentle heart. Again, unlike anypony else in Canterlot.

The unicorn finally responded. "I think... I'll be fine for now."

That was a blatant lie. In truth, Colgate needed all the help she could get. But she couldn't risk her secret. She'd sooner let the world crash around her then face the humiliation of the green pegasus chancing upon one of her diapers, or a toy, or anything like that. She was worriesome. She zoned out as thoughts began to race through her head again. Could she tell Steam? Was it worth risking? Maybe she would be more accepting. Obviously not! Even she would think Colgate was a freak! Or would she think otherwise?

"Mini. MINI! Are you okay?" The thoughts stopped in place as the other mare waved a hoof in front of Colgate's face.

"Oh... I'm sorry," the unicorn said dryly. "I'm fine. I just... zoned out."

A look of slight concern spread across the pegasus's face. If there was one thing the blue pony wasn't good at, it was talking... well, lying, about her problems. Either that, or the mare across from her had excellent concentration skills. Either way, she could tell that her worriesome nature had now affected her friend.

"Are you sure, Mini? You can talk to me. You know that right? Don't be afraid to ask for help."

"Yeah, I'm sure. It's fine, Steamy."

Colgate feigned a smile. She didn't need her friend to worry about her; she already worried about herself as is. Besides, whenever Steam worried, she looked into things. And that secret wasn't something she wanted to explain.

Somewhere around an hour passed when the two mares bid each other goodbye after a long while of talking. Colgate was somewhat glad to be back home. But they were still there.

She opened the drawer again, ignoring the thoughts rushing through her head, no longer able to resist the temptation. She laid on the bed, pulling out foal powder and one of the pristine white diapers with her magic. She poured the powder loosely along her nether regions, before shoving her blue and white tail through the hole on the back of the diaper and sealing it shut.

She sighed and began pulling out everything from the drawer, laying it all out in front of her on her bed. She picked up the blue, star-covered binky, and put the nipple of it in her mouth, suckling on it passively.

Next was a small quilt which the unicorn mare used as a play mat. Using her magic, she spread it and the toys across the floor and hopped off the bed.

She couldn't remember how long she just sat there, hesitant to touch any of them.

NO NO NO WRONG WRONG WRONG. The repeated negative thoughts raced through her head along with "What are you doing?! You can't back out now!"

She sat there for the longest time, until she finally mustered up the nerve. Soon, she was lost in play. She would build towers and spell out a bunch of words. Then, she would knock them down and build them up again, sometimes just putting random letters together to see how they sounded. She would play and pretend with her stuffed animal Mr. Whiskers, and play with a small rattle. The mare would even take her pacifier out of her mouth and stick random toys in it, chewing on them with a silly expression. It made her smile even wider when she remembered she was breaking her prim as that all-too-caring-about-teeth hygienist - a dentist would never stick a toy in their mouth! But she wasn't a dentist, she was a little foal - or rather, a big foal.

She laid down on her back and grabbed her back hooves, rocking back and forth. Colgate giggled - she felt just like a filly. She continued to play, indulging in her pasttime with almost hysterical glee. She looked to her side, seeing Mr. Whiskers laying just off the quilt. The mare stuck her diapered rump up in the air like a lion and playfully pounced on the doll, making silly sounds and giggles.

"Rawr!" She shook the doll in play. "Imma monsta!"

She rolled back over on her back throwing the doll up in the air repeatedly and giggling to herself. She caught the doll on her chest squeezed it, laughing playfully.

Little did she know, her bedroom curtain was open.

Steam knocked on Colgate's door. No answer. Again. Colgate had left her bit-bag at the park; Steam had come to return it.

The pegasus sighed and decided to go around to her window. Colgate was one of those ponies who ignored everypony else who knocked on her door while she was worried. She trotted around to the unicorn's bedroom window, and peeked in.

Steam wasn't really the type who would go peek into windows of her friends to see if they were there regardless of what they were doing. Despite Mini giving several examples from the past week alone and saying otherwise. And she wasn't the type to violate other ponies' privacies. Even though Mini could say otherwise and give several supporting arguments about times she had done exactly that.

Steam saw Colgate, but she wasn't on the bed moping. The unicorn mare was playing like a foal... literally. The unicorn mare was wearing a diaper, sucking a pacifier and playing with toys - just like a little foal!

Steam ducked under the window seal, trying to make sense of what she was seeing. That had been surprising. Nothing she hadn't seen before, thinking back to a certain unicorn and fellow DJ who was the exact same way... Still though, it was a little odd, to say the least. Cute, but odd.

The green pegasus snuck behind the corner of the house, just in case Mini decided to look out the window.

So Colly is into this stuff, huh? That's what she's been hiding? Heh, that's adorable. The mare tried to keep from chuckling as she immediately imagined Colgate as she was currently dressed, lecturing her on her teeth through a pacifier in a series of "mphes" and "phfsts."

The mare went back around and peeked again. But this time, something was wrong. Colgate was sitting on the floor... crying. Steam ducked back beside the window, listening.

"Oh, no... I've done it again! Why, Colgate, why? I am such a freak! This is wrong, so very, VERY WRONG! Why can't I help it?! Oh, Celestia, if anypony ever finds out, I'll be... I'll be... RUINED!" The unicorn was wailing her sentences in between incoherent sounds. Steam sat there with a look of shock on her face, a lot, and she meant a lot of different questions answered.

That's why she's been hiding it... Because she's afraid of herself. THAT'S why she hasn't wanted my help? She thinks that everypony would think the same way of her as she does herself - a freak? the thoughts went in and out of the mare's head as she contemplated her friends predicament. She peeked back through, finding Colgate laying head down on her bed, whining profusely into the pillow. The sympathy built up until she could take it no more. She had to help her friend, and she would be damned if she was taking no for an answer.

She snuck to the front door. Going through the window was a no-go; she couldn't risk scaring the poor mare. She made the attempt to open it, only to find that it was locked. She went around back in an almost loud gallop. Also locked.

Celestia dammit, Mini. When will you learn I'm the only pony who will break into your house?

Chapter TwoEdit

About an hour had passed. Steam was now worried. She had hurried back to her home, cursing herself for not bobby pinning her mane, to, well, get some bobby pins. And now, she was back.

It was quiet. Too quiet.

The pegasus felt a load of concern rising up in her. A number of "what-if" situations starting shooting through her head. Steam settled illogically on the fact that her friend was possibly in there trying to kill herself, and she quickly got the two bobby pins she brought from her home and set to work; picking the lock on the door of her friend's house. The door slid open as she put the bobby pins back in the feathers of her wings. She stepped into the small cottage, and took a look around.

On the table of the barely furnished home was a small piece of paper. The mare trotted toward it, curious. The first words she saw on it were "Eviction Notice."

Suddenly, she felt rage compounding with her concern. Just because of her little secret, her friend had not only been denying her help, but denying it when she needed it the most. Steam had made plenty of bits. She had done music, writing, painting, a whole number of things and had the money to spare. And now, because Mini had decided this frankly small secret was more important than getting help to keep her home, she was about to be homeless.

Well, not if Steam Phoenix could help it. She picked up the paper and began to trot towards the bedroom, mixed between an anger and concern, and fearing the worst.

The door to the bedroom opened fairly easily. Steam only opened it a slight bit, looking in. She phewed and revised her exceptionally irrational decision that her friend had committed suicide, cursing herself (again) for jumping to conclusions. Colgate was sitting on the bed, shivering and whining softly through that same pacifier. She didn't see Steam... or rather, she did, but just simply glanced for a moment before trembling even harder. She was still wearing the diaper, clutching that same doll that she'd been playing with earlier. Her eyes were red rimmed and wet, and her cheek fur was soaked with tears.

Steam let her anger melt back into sympathy. The unicorn was far from a state of mind to deal with it. She was far from a state of mind to deal with anything, let alone her pegasus friend's anger over her refusal of help. Colgate was out of it.

Steam decided to try to make her presence known. She trotted into the room quietly.

"Mini. Are you there?" She came up to the mare on the bed, who continued only to tremble even harder. "I'm not going to be mean to you. I just wanna talk about some things."

The unicorn didn't respond with anything but a slight glance in her friend's direction. It was right about that time when Steam realized that she wasn't supposed to have any idea about this; she had, after all, only seen it by looking through a bedroom window.

"Okay. This is kinda... awkward, I guess."

Honestly, the pegasus had little to no idea of what she was goinng to do at this point. The mare decided to put a hoof on her friend, shaking her slightly.

"Mini, snap out of it. Talk to me, come on."

Colgate pulled away and rolled to the other side, a foalish whimper of complaint coming out of her mouth.

Steam sat down beside the bed. Five minutes passed, though it felt much longer. Steam was wanting desperately to help her friend. Meanwhile, Colgate simply trembled away. Steam almost thought she was about to unravel herself and fall into pieces. Well, further pieces. It didn't seem reasonable that Colgate was acting like this; was this secret really so important that Colgate's worriesome nature and guilt caused a mental breakdown?

The green pony looked around, noticing the open drawer right beside her. She came up with an idea. Colgate was a forever foal; so she liked to be babied, right? She wasn't much of a mother figure, but if it helped her friend, she'd do it. She pulled a foal bottle from the drawer and exited the room, heading straight for the kitchen. Immediately, she looked up in the top cabinet. Colgate was an organized pony - never did she have a labeled container facing backwards. They all faced the cabinet door almost perfectly... Except one.

The mare got the container down. She looked at the label just to be cautious; she didn't want to end up feeding her friend rat poison or anything like that. Quickly, she set up the bottle and put it in the microwave. She knew what she was doing; she foalsat before (despite not being much of a mother figure) and she would do it again - only with a bigger foal.

She entered the room again. Colgate was continuing to tremble away.

"Colly," she cooed softly, heading towards the bed of the mentally broken mare. "Do you want a bottle? Are you hun-gry?"

A slight twitch of response came from the mare. She stopped trembling so hard. Colgate's eyes looked towards Steam, blinking as more tears came down her face. She looked back at the wall and sucked on her pacifier urgently, unsure if Steam was accepting her or mocking her. Steam was no psychologist; but she hoped to Celestia she was right.

The pegasus hopped onto the bed and pulled Colgate towards her, resulting in a number of fearful whimpers. With Colgate's head safely in her lap, she pulled out the pacifier. The other mare whimpered in complaint, attempting to get it back. A blue aura surrounded the pacifier as she started to use magic in an vain attempt to take it.

"No-no. Bottle first, then binky." Steam put the bottle in the unicorn's mouth just before the paci was pulled from her hooves. Mini relaxed, her tremble going further down. It was back to only being a slight shiver. Internally, Colgate was confused. Was this a dream? Was Steam honestly doing this for her?

"Heeere we go. Steamy's got ya. Shhhh. You're okay, you're alright. I ain't gonna hurt ya. Yeees. There we go..." Steam pulled Colgate a little closer before she started whining again. She snuggled the unicorn's mane, and then kissed her on top of the head. Colgate blinked.

The pegasus felt it was safe enough to pull Colgate up a little more. The mare met little challenge from the overgrown foal as she was placed in her lap, where Steam began to rock her back and forth in a gentle sway. Mini finally stopped trembling.

A faint hiss could be heard. Steam perked up her ears, and then took notice. Colgate was in so much of a shock that she didn't even notice the pristine white of the diaper become a slight yellow. She hadn't gone to the bathroom in hours; she was bound to either have an accident or do it herself.

Steam let out a playful gasp. "Uh-oh! Looks like somepony needs their diaper changed!"

The unicorn responded in a foalish sound of complaint.

"No? You are soaked, but... It's okay, it can wait."

She continued to rock the filly back and forth, letting her suck on the nipple of the bottle. When it was empty, Steam pulled it back. Mini attempted to get it back into her mouth, whining all the while. Steam put the pacifier back in her mouth, and the mare calmed down.

"Here you go, here's your binky. Yeah, there we go, there we go!" The pegasus cooed softly. She waited a few minutes before asking. "Why are you like, well, this? Not the diapers, I mean... why are you so upset, huh?"

The unicorn looked away and whimpered softly around the pacifier.

"You don't wanna talk about it? That's okay. I can wait. I can wait as long as you need. But first, let's get you out of that soggy thing."

Colgate whimpered in complaint, but Steam had already made up her mind. The filly was in no condition to argue. Steam pulled out another diaper, the wipes, and the foal powder. She pulled off the soggy diaper and threw it in the nearby bin. Colgate whined, almost as though she was trying to say she could do it herself. Steam promptly ignored this, and pulled out the wipes, wiping the mare's nether regions and dampened fur. A pout had come across Mini's face.

Although, Colgate could admit that something about it was blissful. Somepony else doing it for her; just like a real foal! Still, she pouted.

Steam poured the foal powder on her and spread it around, then unfolded the diaper.

"Legs up. I see that pout. I know you're feelin' better. Yes you are, yes you are!" Steam cooed, pulling up Mini's legs and placing the clean diaper under her rump, pulling her tail through the hole. She taped it shut gently as a slight blush spread across Colgate's face. "You are just so cute! Yes you are, yes you are! You're sooo cuuuute with your little binky and your mane, yeeessss. You're just the most adorable little foal I've ever seen! Yes you are!"

That blush was growing wider. Steam could tell she was enjoying every minute of it.

"Still not gonna talk? Okay, I can play that game." A big sheepish grin appeared on the pegasus's face and she suddenly leaned down, blowing raspberries into Colgate's belly. The unicorn was forced to smile, and then suddenly laugh before she started kicking. This didn't stop the pegasus at all, who continued to blow raspberries and tickle her with her hooves. Her forced laughter inhibited any use of magic. She rolled over; only to find it didn't help as Steam now had access to her back.

"Otey, otey! Stahph!" The unicorn mouthed out through the pacifier, laughing hysterically. Steam stood up with a huge grin on her face. The unicorn kept giggling as though someone had just tickled her to death.

"What's so funny now? I stopped!" The pegasus's smile grew even wider. The unicorn finally stopped laughing, finally regaining composure that had been pushed to not one, but two extremes that night. She pulled out the pacifier, breathing deeply.

"Steam... Why... What... How...?"

"No, no, no. First, you answer my questions. Then I'll answer yours."

"Wha-?" the unicorn looked almost offended. "This is my hou-"

"You mean the house you're about to lose because you always worried about your little secret over your rent? The house that you have less than a week to move out of?" The pegasus shot back. She stood confidently, eyeing down Colgate, who now had a look of shock on her face.

"How did you know?"

"I found your eviction notice. You know I have plenty of bits - why didn't you ask for help?! Why didn't you accept my help?!"

The unicorn frowned and looked to floor. She started tearing up again.

"Be- Beca- Because I didn't... wanna wor- worry you. It... It wasn't just a- about the diapers... I thought I... I h-had to do it b-b-by myself..."

The pegasus sighed. "Colly, that's what I'm here for. And now, there's no way to keep your house. You have to be out of here in a week!  It wouldn't have worried me because I would've taken care of it!" She pushed the other mare's chin up. "Look at me. You need this help. I'm not taking no for an answer. I have two spare rooms that you can use and dammit, you're going to use them!"

Colgate began to cry, the tears streaming down her cheeks. Steam sighed and hugged her tightly, resulting in a slight look of confusion mixed with the mare's shame and disheartenment.

"It's okay. I'm not mad at you. But I'm going to help you whether you like it or not. You're moving in with me, free of charge! You can even have all your stuff over there!" Steam rubbed Mini's back consolingly.

"You... you don't care that I'm a freak?" Colgate pulled away from the other mare, looking surprised.

"Whoa, freak? Simmer down, Sally, you ain't no freak."

"Bu- But I am! Look at me! I'm wearing a diaper and have a bunch of toys and act like a fo-" The mare was interrupted by a pacifier shoved into her mouth. She glared at Steam, who only rolled her eyes as she put her hoof back down.

"Look. Just because you like something a little quirky doesn't mean you're a freak. Everypony has a kink. Yours just happens to be a little kinkier."


"No buts."

"No... How... did you know?"

"That you were a forever foal? Well, I kinda... walked by your window..."

Colgate shot Steam a glare. The unicorn filly hated Steam sometimes. But, it helped her in the end, so she couldn't stay mad for long; in spite of the complete violation of her privacy.

"I'll tell you what, Mini," Steam started up again. "I'll stay with you here for tonight. But tomorrow we're getting you packed up and over there, okay?"

Mini nodded. A sudden thought shot through her head.

Wait... NO... I can't ask her that! She... she only did that to help me! She probably doesn't want to be involved in it any further than that! Steam's already done too much for me. I can't... Well, can I?

"Mini. Are you okay?" A hoof waved in front of Colgate's face.

"Oh... yeah... I'm sorry. Hey... Steam?"


"Will you... If I live with you... Will..." the mare struggled to get her words out. Steam looked at her, eyes open and curious. She was so soft and gentle (albeit rough around the edges), and that made it all the more harder to know whether she would say yes.

"Will I what, Colly? You're gonna have to get it out for me to answer."

"Will... willyoubemymommy?!" The unicorn spoke too fast for Steam to understand. She put her ears and head down, embarrassed.

"Say that again?" the mare grinned. She may not have understood completely, but she knew what Colly was trying to say. If she would say it slower, Steam would be doing this more often.

"Will you be... my mommy?"

The pegasus's grin grew a mile wide. "Well, of course! It makes you happy, right?! You know more than well I'd do it."

Colgate's mouth hung open. Suddenly, she jumped on Steam in what was probably the tightest hug she'd ever given anypony.

"Thank you thank you thank you!"

"Uh... Co- Colgate... Can't... breathe..." Colgate laxed her grip as Steam breathed in.

"Sorry..." the mare blushed, shuffling her hoof.

"Hehehe, no problem. So, how about we get my new little foal somethin' to eat, huh? What do you think of that?" the pegasus talked cutely, starting already. Colgate nodded excitedly, and Steam left the room for the kitchen. The unicorn waddled behind, happier than ever.

Chapter ThreeEdit

Steam continued to cook as Colgate sat at the table.

"Hungwy!" The unicorn whined out foalishy. "Hungwy, hungwy!"

"Hold on, baby! It's coming, it's coming!" the pegasus cooed back. Colgate grinned. This was going to be so much fun. Glee was welling up inside of her - not only was she accepted by her friend, Steam was willing to be her mommy!

She felt something get tied around her neck, interrupting her thoughts. She looked down, finding a pink bib now attached to her neck emblazoned with "Mommy's Little Eater!" in blue lettering.

"Can't feed you without this, you'd get all messy! And it's so adorable too, yes it is, yes it is!" Steam cooed, nuzzling the filly playfully. Colgate giggled. "And here's the din-din! Pancakes and syrup, how's that for a dinner?"

A pout went across the unicorn's face. "Bu- bu- mai teef..."

Steam rolled her eyes. She had forgotten that Colgate used to be a dentist's assistant and cared a lot about the health of her teeth. Still, nonetheless, she figured if she was going to be mommy, then Colgate shouldn't be worried about it, right?

"It's okay, baby. It's just one meal, okay? One sugary meal isn't gonna hurt, now is it? You just let mommy worry about your teethies, okay?"


Steam smiled, cutting up the pancakes. Colgate had a suspicion that she deliberately chose it because it would be messy. But she was still excited; she was wearing what was possibly the biggest smile she had ever had. Using the fork, Steam picked up a piece of pancake dripping with syrup. Colgate would usually give a stern lecture on cleanliness, but foals didn't give stern lectures or care about cleanliness, now did they?

"Open wide for the Wonderbolt!" the pegasus cooed again. Colgate loved it. She opened her mouth as the pancake went in, chewing and swallowing. Steam smiled. "Goooood giiiirl. Yes, that's a good girl!"

The cooing and feeding went on. Colgate was a mess, maple syrup plastered all over her face and the bib. She licked her face and grinned.

"Gah, look at you! You're such a mess. Who's my messy little filly? Who's my messy little filly?! Who is she, huh, who is she?!"

"Me, Mommy! I am, I am!" Colgate giggled.

Steam stretched her hoof over, grabbing the bib and wiping Colgate's face with it. The unicorn scrunched her face with glee.

"Alright. Let's get you a bath and get you really cleaned up! How's that sound?"

Colgate shook her head and whimpered.


"What's wrong, sweetheart? You don't wanna bath?"

"Huh-uh. No wight now." She shook her head again.

"That's okay, we can wait. You wanna go play with your toys? Hmm?"

"Otay!" The unicorn mare nodded and jumped excitedly from the table. She hugged her mommy gleefully, who nuzzled her in return.

"Okay. But let's bring them out here. No need to keep them in your room anymore, okay?"


"Alright. You just wait out on the couch. I'll bring them to you, okay?"

Colgate nodded, the same smile still plastered across her face. In little time, Steam brought out the toys, wrapped up in the quilt. She put them down, and spread the quilt out across the floor, spreading the toys around. She then sat back onto the couch and patted Colgate's diapered rump.

"Okie-dokey. You can play now."

Almost instantly, Colgate sprung off the couch and pounced onto Mr. Whiskers again, shaking him about playfully.

"Mommy, look! Imma monsta, rawr!"

Steam couldn't hold back a giggle. "Are you really? I don't believe a word of it!"

Colgate scrunched her nose up. "Uh huh! I is!"

"Okay. But I betcha I'm a bigger monster!"


"Oh really?" Steam pounced on the filly and began to tickle her relentlessly. The unicorn burst out laughing, squirming and struggling about. In almost an instant, Steam began to blow raspberries into her belly again, causing Mini to laugh even harder.

"Otay, stahp! I gib, mommy, igib!"

"Works every time." A blush spread across the unicorn's face as she kept laughing.

Steam got back up onto the couch. Colgate continued to giggle away.

"Okay, you can go play now." The mare was struggling to hold back a smirk.

Colgate did her usual play with the blocks and the toys, much to the amusement of the green pegasus. It was almost - no, it was impossible for her not to think about how adorable and cute the blue unicorn in front of her was. Pouncing around, playing with blocks and dolls; such mushy-gushy cuteness made her giddy inside. Colgate's disheveled mane, pacifier, and big diapered plot added up to one adorable filly.

Mini stood up and faced Steam with a playful light in her eye. She smiled michieviously and bent down on her forelegs.

"Whatchya doin', sweet-"

"Rawr!" Colgate pounced on the pegasus, digging her head into Steam's chest and hugging her. Steam was surprised for a moment before letting out a "d'awww".

The unicorn looked up at the other mare. Her Steamy; her mommy. And that made her Steam's filly.

"I wub you, mommy." She snuggled the pegasus affectionately. A smile came across Steam's face.

"I love you too, baby."

The two cuddled for a good amount of the evening. Colgate yawned, worn out from the day's events. Steam put a hoof on the diaper, feeling it squish. A foal wasn't just going to tell her mommy she was wet, was she?

"Somepony's tiiiireeed," the pegasus cooed. "Okie-dokey, baby. Let's you get changed and in bed."

Colgate whimpered. "Bu-"

"No buts. We got a lot of work to do tomorrow, and a little filly needs her rest."

"Otay." The pout on her face was obvious. The unicorn waddled behind the other mare as she guided Colgate to her bedroom, taking the quilt with her. Laying her down on the quilt, Steam untaped the diaper, pulling out the wipes and wiping her yet again. She spread a good amount of foal powder on the unicorn's nethers and flanks, before unfolding another diaper.

"Legs up!" she commanded. Colgate did her best to lift up her rump, just enough that Steam was able to get the diaper under her and get her tail through the hole in the back. She lowered herself down and a reassuring smile told the shy mare that she had done it right. "Goood girl."

Steam tickled at the mare's belly with her hoof. Colly giggled, kicking softly but tiredly. She almost got up, but Steam stopped her quietly.

"No-no. One more thing." The unicorn's face twisted into confusion, that is until Steam brought out a pair of hoofie pajamas decorated with hearts and teddy bears from the closet in her room. The main color of the pajamas were blue; just like her coat. "I always wondered why you had these. I can't wait to see how cute you are in them."

Colgate's eyes lit up with excitement almost instantly. Steam sat her up, pulling her forelegs into the pajama sleeves, then putting the back legs into the bottom sleeves, leaving her rump square on the bottom of the pajamas. She buttoned them up, and finally let the unicorn stand up.

Steam guided her to the bed, cooing at her softly. Once she was on the bed, the other mare tucked her in gently.

Just as she was about to leave the room, Colly spoke up again. "Mommy?"

"Yes, sweetie?"

"Can I hab a baba?" The overgrown foal pleaded softly.

"Okay, honey. I'll get you one. I'll be right back, okay?"


Steam went to the kitchen, getting one of the clean foal bottles. She opened up the formula and poured in some warm water from the sink, mixing up a couple of spoons of the white powder in with it. She microwaved the bottle for a few seconds, and headed back into the room.

"Do you wanna hold it or do you want me t-?" She smiled. Colgate's mouth was open almost expectantly, waiting for the bottle. Her hooves weren't out, so she was clearly wanting the pegasus to feed her. The green mare walked up to the bed and sidled onto it, and Colgate gleefully crawled into her lap. Steam put the nipple of the bottle in her mouth, letting her suck out the warm liquid. Colgate gently put her hooves on each side of the bottle, almost as though she was going to hold it herself. Steam kept hold of it anyways.

Breaking the silence, Steam began to sing a small lullaby. "Hush now, quiet now" filled the room softly, and in no time at all the bottle was empty and the unicorn was asleep, sucking gently on her hoof. The pegasus smiled softly, and gently pulled it out of her mouth, replacing it with a pacifier and tucking her back in.

Now she needed to start packing away some of the baby stuff. Colgate had been a wreck today; and Steam had the feeling that if anypony else found out, they would be much less accepting of it and put her right back in that position, and mover ponies were ones to gossip about the odd things they packed up and moved. She left the quilt out so there was a place to change Colgate in the morning, but boxed up the toys and other foalish items. She placed the box beside Colly's bed, and gave the mare a peck on the mane.

"Good night, my little filly."

Chapter FourEdit

Colgate woke up, looking at the alarm clock on her nightstand. 12:30 AM - still night. She laid her head back down on the pillow blearily.

Feeling the pressure in her lower body overwhelm her, she relaxed and released her bladder as she had done so many times before. Now she was soaked.

She couldn't sleep. Worries and guilt started to crash down on her again. She sat up a bit, a dozen thoughts going through her head.

What if I did something wrong? What if mommy didn't like it? What if what if what if... the thoughts continued in a series of disconcerting what-ifs as her eyes started to well up again. She knew she only had a moment to catch herself before the thoughts of "freak" and "wrong" started buzzing through her head.

No, no, she loves me! She accepts me! She's my mommy now! the mare was starting to whimper quietly. Suddenly looking to her side, she took note of the box. Her drawer was empty, the floor was clean.

She... she already packed my foal stuff? That means she didn't want anypony to find out about my habit... She did that for me? the mare got up from the bed, her diaper squishing under her pajamas. She didn't have to be a big filly until tomorrow. She just hoped Steam would understand what she was doing.

She trotted out into the den. Steam was sleeping on the couch, her back resting against the back cushion. Fear was rising up in her as she approached the pegasus. Fear... while doing something she hoped would reassure and comfort her. She couldn't wake her and ask... or would she? She decided against waking the mare, and hopped onto the couch, pushing her head under Steam's foreleg. She snuggled up to the mare's chest, and closed her eyes, listening to the heartbeat emanating from it. Fear was overcome by simple exhaustion as she began to close her eyes again.

Steam opened an eye, looking down at what was just shifting around her. A smile came across her face and she let out a quiet "d'aww," before hugging the foalish mare closer to her. A slight whimper came from the mare.

"Shhh... it's okay. Go back to sleep. Mommy's got you," the pegasus whispered. The unicorn quieted, sucking on the pacifier. Steam felt as though it would be necessary to think for a moment. Though her thoughts were consumed by exhaustion, she began to think that Colgate's worries weren't going to go away if she was alone. She needed somepony who was just like her, not just a mommy.

Colgate needed a playmate.

"VINYL. WILL YOU TURN THE MUSIC OFF FOR FIVE SECONDS?! YOU HAVE A PHONE CALL!" Octavia yelled into the unicorn's room.

"WHO IS IT?" The unicorn yelled over the blaring bass.


Instantly Vinyl shut the music off.

"It's Steam?! Gimme it!" the white mare ordered excitedly. Steam was an old pal of hers, one that knew a secret she shared with few other ponies. And she was a good one.

"Not until you ask properly."

"Ugh... May I have it, please?"

Octavia handed the phone to Vinyl.

"Prissy." She muttered under her breath. "Hello? Oh, heya Steam! Long time no see! Whatchya need?"

The unicorn listened to the mare on the other end. It wasn't about Colgate or playdates... It was Colgate and playdates! 

"Oh. I see. That's kinda shockin', really, I mean, you know, bein' Colgate and all. Well, yeah, I see what you're saying. Uh, I'll get back to you on it. Bye!" The mare had a gleeful smile plastered all over her face. She was finally going to meet that number one fan she heard so much about! "Octavia! Can you come help me pack?! Please?!"

Steam hung up the phone. She knew this couldn't go wrong. It was Vinyl. Colgate wasn't as prissy as other mares when it came to music - she was practically her number one fan! And the best part was: Vinyl was also a forever foal. They had scheduled it for tomorrow.

Naturally, for good measure, she'd already talked it over to Colgate. The mare was surprised to learn that there was somepony like her (much to Steam's dismay due to her calling herself a freak) and agreed almost immediately. Steam didn't tell her who it was, deciding to keep it a surprise to see her reaction, much to the annoyance of the unicorn.

It had been about three days since they had gotten packed and moved over. Colgate was really warming up to the new sights and sounds. She mainly stayed at the house, rarely going out unless Steam felt like being social, enjoying being a foal. As for Steam, the difficulty of being a mother - much less to an adult foal - had seemingly breezed past the pegasus's head. She was doing wonderfully in keeping her little filly happy.

Although, Colgate still worried about herself a little too much, and that alone was a tough habit to break.

Steam yawned, looking up at the playmat. The resulting explosion of cute thoughts was almost overwhelming - Colly had fallen asleep right in the middle  of all her toys. She checked the time. It was only 4 in the afternoon! She chuckled to herself and let the filly sleep there, putting a pacifier into her mouth and kissing her on top of the head. Not four days ago the two were eating sandwiches in the park, two grown mares talking about jobs and politics.

And now I'm changing her diapers. She grinned. Taking the time for herself, she decided to dig up some ideas. She scrummaged through the room that Colgate had picked, looking for anything that might give her some clue of where she got her stuff - because frankly, Colgate needed more stuff. She looked under the mare's bed, locating the packaging that the diapers came in.

"Ponyville Forever Foals: Supplies and Toys for every Adult Foal's needs," she read from the top of the plastic package. "Heh, looks like I know where we're going."

She thought for a moment.

Telling Vinyl to come only to drag her back to Ponyville would be kind of rude. Maybe we should go the day after tomorrow and just hitch a ride back with her.

Yeah. That was a plan. She vacated the room, heading back to the den. Colgate had woken up, but she didn't look too good. The unicorn was holding her stomach, whimpering and wincing, almost as though she was desperately holding something in. The pegasus ran towards her, quickly putting her forelegs around the oversized blue foal's shoulders.

"Mini, what's wrong, sweetie? Does your tummy hurt?"

"No... mommy, I tink, I need to go poopy."

The pegasus was a bit surprised. "Well, it's okay, honey, just let it out."

"I dun wanna... I'ww be aww nasty..." Colgate started to have tears run down her face.

"It's okay, I'm here. I'll clean you up. I promise. That's what mommy is here for, okay? It'll be okay, baby."

Colly conceded, and began to push and strain. The back of the diaper bulged as she felt the mess plummet into it, and she felt utterly gross. She bit her lip, only to concede again and began bawling.

"It's okay, it's alright. Just lay down, I'll get you taken care of. Shhh." Steam cooed, quickly retrieving the changing supplies. She was back in little time to comfort the crying filly. Quickly, but carefully, she undid the tapes on the front of the diaper, pulling it back. She put a hoof to her muzzle.

"Ugh. Stinky." Colgate felt even more gross, but a reassuring smile from the pegasus helped the feeling recede. Steam used the front of the diaper, wiping down the bottom of the pony's rump with it before pulling out a number of wipes to finish the job. The dirty diaper was disposed of quickly in a plastic bag. Steam powdered the unicorn and put the new diaper on. Colgate stopped crying so hard, receding into soft hics and whimpers. The pegasus sat her back up and hugged her tight, running a hoof through her toothpaste colored mane.

"There, there. You're all clean now. Do you feel better?"


"Next time, just tell mommy when you have to go that badly, okay? I'll be right there, I promise."

"O- otay..."

Steam phewed. "Alright, you can play now. Go on, I'll be watching." She hopped onto the den's couch. Ironically, Colgate chose instead to go back to sleep on the mat after only five minutes of playing. Steam chuckled. Filly logic; it was amusing to her. Colly must have been exhausted from the move, or something. She didn't know. She picked up a Daring Do novel and the remainder of the evening passed without a hitch.


"Yes, brushies. We gotta get your teethies clean for Vi- I mean, your playmate today."

Colgate's face was lit up with excitement. Happy she was getting to meet someone like her, she was even more excited that she was going to get to play with them!

"And you're gonna 'wub' her, too." Steam teased and hinted. The unicorn's face scrunched up in confusion as a toothbrush entered her mouth. Her face scrunched again from the taste - the pegasus had used a little too much toothpaste. A couple minutes later, the toothbrush was pulled out. Colgate spat out the toothpaste into the sink as Steam got a little mouthwash.

"Ya ready?" In response, the unicorn nodded. Steam poured it into her mouth. She swished it around, and a small amount of the nasty liquid went down her throat. She coughed it back into the sink. Steam giggled.

"Well, you're not supposed to swallow it, silly filly. Are you okay?"

"Yesh, mommy."

"Alright, let's get you in the bath."

Steam filled the bath tub with warm water and bubbles, helping the unicorn in (after removing the diaper, of course). The blue filly played with the bubbles ecstatically, blowing them around and splashing the water. Steam giggled as she gently scrubbed her down.  She filled a small cup with water.

"Okay, Colly. Eyes shut." Colgate obeyed as Steam poured the water on her mane and shampooed her mane and tail, scrubbing them relentlessly to get rid of any hidden dirt. She then rinsed out the filly's hair. Colgate pulled her mane out of her eyes as Steam pulled the plug. "Alright, time to get out."


"No buts. We gotta get you dressed and dry for your playmate, remember?"

"Otay." She got out of the tub, Steam wrapping a towel around her and drying her off. She used a hair dryer to dry out the mare's mane and tail, and guided her back to the mat, laying her down. The foal powder and diaper came out and was gently placed on. Then, Steam helped her into the same pair of footsie pajamas, freshly washed.

"Theeere we go, all done." Steam cooed, putting the pacifier in her mouth. "Now we just wait."

Colgate squeed with excitement.

"Are you excited? You're so excited, yes you are, yes you are!" Colgate giggled to Steam's woo.

A knock sounded at the door. Steam playfully gasped.

"Looks like she's here! Come on, let's go meet her!"

Colgate waddled happily behind her mommy as they went to answer the door.

Chapter FiveEdit

Steam opened the door. The white mare standing on the other side immediately glomped her, surprising her.

"He-hey, get off me! Heheh."

"Steam! It's so awesome to see you again! How've you been?!"

"I've been cool. It's nice to see you too, Vy."

Colgate stood in an excited shock. DJ-Pon3 was standing right in front of her. Was she her playmate?

The confimation came quickly. "So, who am I playin' with? I wanna meet my biggest fan before we go and do everything."

Steam stood up, but she didn't remain standing for very long before she got glomped once again. This time, by Mini. The blue filly had what was probably the happiest, most excited face that the pegasus had ever seen.

"Ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh I wub you mommy! You're the best!" She snuggled Steam affectionately, resulting in a chuckle from Vinyl.

"I love you too, sweetheart. Now, go play. I'll get Vinyl set up out here and send her in with you, okay?"

"Otay!" With that, Colgate galloped into her room. Steam chuckled again. It was so hard not to think how adorable she was.

"So are we gonna do this, or what?"

"Well, first Vinyl. I was wondering if you would mind us hitching a ride back with you tomorrow? I would like to get Colgate some more stuff from the adult foal store."

Vinyl smiled at her. "Of course I don't mind! Why would I? Hell, you could even stay with us. I pretty sure Octavia wouldn't mind Colgate anymore than she minds me. Even if Colgate is pretty much a foal 24/7, right?"

Steam nodded. "Not really any need for her to be any way else. I've got plenty of bits to last for a very long time. She's happy, and right now that's really all that matters to me."

"Ha, I'm jealous," the white unicorn replied. "Well, let's get on this, right?"

"Of course!" Steam stood, starting for the diapers over by the couch. Vinyl stopped her.

"Nah, I brought my own," she said, pulling open her saddle bags and levitating her freshly brought padding towards Steam. "It's all good."


Vinyl laid down in front of the mare, who began to spread foal powder along her legs and nethers. In almost record time, she unfolded on of Vinyl's diapers - which were surprisingly the same as Colly's, only emblazoned with her cutie mark - and stuck it under the white unicorns rump, pulling tail through the hole in the back. Steam pulled the front of the diaper up and taped it shut.

Vinyl tied her hair back in a ponytail. Steam almost asked why - before remembering that there was not a foal in the world who had that hairstyle. The two dug through Vinyl's saddlebags, seeing what she brought. Steam pulled out something and spread it out. It was probably the frilliest dress she had ever seen: decorated with pink lace, a baby blue body, and a teddy bear emblazoned on the chest. Steam felt a laugh rising up.

"Yeah, yeah, laugh it up. There's to more to this mare than meets the eye, you know."

"I didn't know you were the type, Vy-Vy," Steam teased, laughing. "That's adorable."

A blush spread across the white unicorn's cheeks.

"You want this one?"

Vinyl stared for a moment before smiling and nodding. "Mmhmm!"

"Say please."

The white unicorn rolled her eyes in response but conceded. "Pwease?"

Steam smiled. Vinyl put her arms up as Steam pulled the dress over her head. She grinned. The way Vinyl was looking right now was pretty damn cute. The frilly dress and pony tail really suited the mare.

"Oh! One more thing!" Steam dug into the bags. She pulled out Vinyl's own pacifier, a purple one with a white handle that, again, was emblazoned with her cutie mark. Steam made a mental note to look into getting that kind of special order, and stuck the pacifier in Vinyl's mouth.

"You... are... ADORABLE!" she squeed. Vinyl found herself blushing again and started sucking on the pacifier. She stood up and Steam patted her padded rump.

"Alright, go play. I'm going to make something for you two little foals to eat!"

Steam balanced the plate of cookies in her mouth, opening the door to Colgate's room. The room was brightly colored, painted soon after Colgate's arrival. Covered in hoofprints of paint and little foalish designs, the only thing telling it apart from a nursery was the adult bed. Of course, the biggest thing noticeable in its current state was the complete mess of the room where the two oversized foals had played hide-and-seek. Steam made a mental note about the bed - Colly had expressed interest in a crib, and the bed would look just like one if it had side bars to match the head and footboards.

The two diapered mares were sitting in the middle of the mess, playing with dolls and babbling incoherently to one another. Again with the filly logic, she supposed. She placed the cookies and milk cups on Colgate's table.

"Girls, cookies!" Vinyl's face lit up. Colgate pouted, and Steam had a good guess about why.

"But... mommy... mai teef!"

Steam looked at her sternly. "Colgate Minuette. What'd I tell you the other day? You let mommy worry about your teefies. Enjoying yourself isn't going to hurt, okay?"

Colgate's ears went down and she hicced and sniffled softly. "Otay. Sowwy mommy."

Steam smiled reassuringly and hugged Colgate. "It's okay, sweetie, I'm not mad at you. Just enjoy yourself, alright?"


"Okay, go eat and play with Vinyl." The two fillies went to the table and began eating, still babbling back and forth to each other. Steam left the room. She looked about her mental list of things.

Diapers, pacifiers, toys, a crib attachment for the bed, new clothes, wipes, and... what else... she trailed off for a moment. Colgate had a toy she called Mr. Whiskers, but she wasn't halfway attached to him. She mainly used him for play, but simply dropped him in with the rest of the toys when Steam put her in bed, changed, or fed her. Loved him enough to give him a name, yes. Carry him around and bawl about him getting taken away, no. She made another mental note.

A stuffed animal. She'd let Colly pick one out. She knew Mini would pick something she would love. Now the only thing left was convincing Colgate to go with her.

"Mommy! I made a wetsy!" Colly's voice came from the room behind her. She turned around and went back in.

"Are you wet? Lemme see." She would have used a hoof to check, but she could see from a mile away just from the stain on the romper. Colgate pointed down at it with her hoof.

"Well, why didn't you tell me you were wet earlier?"

"I dun... dun know..."

"Bah, it's okay. Vy-Vy, are you wet?" Vinyl shook her head. Steam checked anyways, just to make sure.

She stood Colgate up and began guiding her to the bathroom.

"We'll be right back, Vy-Vy. Just hold on, honey." Vinyl smiled in response.


Steam retrieved a fresh diaper and the wipes, as usual, and undid the romper. She pulled off the diaper.

"Whoah! This is heeeavvvy!" she teased softly. She began wiping the filly down. "We're gonna need more diapers and wipes and stuff, aren't we? Yeeess, we are! Tell you what. Tomorrow, we're gonna hitch a ride with Vinyl and head down to the adult foal store that's there, how's that sound?"

Colgate whimpered. Steam sat her up softly, gently holding the filly.

"What's wrong, sweetheart? Do you not wanna go?"

"I- I- I'm scared, mommy..." She cuddled up tight to the pegasus. Steam had almost forgotten that Colgate used to live in Ponyvillle; but never did tell why she moved out. She had a feeling this had something to do with it. Mother's intuition, she guessed.

"Why are you scared, baby?" Steam asked, putting on a look of concern.

Colgate was beginning to cry again. "Be-because Berry..."

"Who's Berry?"

"Berry Punch... She... she... was a me-me-meanie..."

Steam was surprised. Had this "Berry Punch" hurt Colgate in some way? Chased her here? Threatened her? There wasn't a way she could know without asking, but she didn't need to bug Colly on it. The poor mare looked frightened enough as is.

"Oh, come here, baby. It's okay. We can still get you stuff. I won't let this Berry hurt you. I promise."

Colgate snuggled into her softly. Steam ran a hoof through the mare's mane, cooing her with "Shhh's" and "It's okay's." She would ask Vinyl about this pony tomorrow. Whatever it was, Colly was far from ready to get into it. Colgate as an adult was a worriesome pony who would never tell anything (much to Steam's annoyance); Colly as a filly was still just as worriesome (albeit about much more minor things such as bedtimes and dinner) but would tell eventually. She would open up; maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after, maybe later than that. Steam guessed the latter was probably due to her feeling protected more as a filly, or something.

A voice interrupted her thoughts. "Ple- please don' weave me, mommy..."

She smiled, stroking Colgate's mane again. "I would never even think of it. Mommy's always here, Colly. Mommy loves you! Yes she does! Here, let's get those tears dried up so you can go play with Vinyl some more."

Colgate sniffled but conceded. She had been comfortable snuggling with her mommy in the bathroom. Steam used a foal wipe, wiping the area around her eyes. She kissed Colgate on the top of the head.

"Alright, baby. Go play. I'll come put you two to bed in a lil' while, okay?"

"Yes, mommy." Colgate smiled, snuggling Steam again. She ran back to the room, and in little time the noise and babbling started from it again.

Steam pulled Vinyl's hoof out of her mouth and put in her pacifier. The sleeping unicorn twitched slightly.

She phewed. Colgate was still awake, suckling away on her pacifier, but at least she wouldn't have to change any more diapers until morning. And she needed some sleep herself. She went to the kitchen, setting up a quick bottle to get Colgate to sleep. Colly was at the point where she wouldn't sleep without one now; she had pretty quickly gotten used to things as a foal again. She came back in the room quietly.


"Yes, sweetheart?"

"Can... Can I sweep wif you tonight?" Colgate looked at her with pleading eyes. Steam looked surprised for a moment.

"Why do you want to sleep with me when Vinyl is here? You don't wanna leave Vinyl all alone, do you?"

"She not." Colgate shook her head and pointed. "She hab Wubsy."

Steam had almost forgotten that Vinyl had a toy. She blinked.

"Alright, baby. Come on, then. I'll give you the bottle in there."

Colgate waddled over to her, following her mommy closely. Steam put her foreleg around Colly's shoulders and they went into the bedroom. The two got on the bed, Colgate sitting in Steam's lap, waiting for the bottle expectantly. Steam stuck the bottle in her mouth. Colgate sucked on the bottle's nipple, cuddling tighter to the pegasus holding it. The same lullaby that Steam had sang for the past three days filled the room, lulling the unicorn to sleep.

Steam let her down on the bed gently, and covered herself. There was going to be a long day tomorrow.

Chapter SixEdit

A toy flew across the room, hitting the wall with a soft squeak. Berry Punch freaked out at herself.

"Nonono! This is sick! I shouldn't be doing this and I won't!" the earth pony screamed at herself, discarding yet another used diaper into the bin. Another case of hypocrisy. Another failure. Another fall into her sick-minded habit. She hated, berated, and criticized ponies like this, and here she was doing the exact thing she hated so much!

She needed a drink. Tromping around in a panic, she quickly went towards a shot glass and bottle of bourbon. She dropped the shot glass by accident, caught in her frazzled nerves. The glass shattered, flying in all directions around the impact point. A piece went into her hoof, and she let out a yelp of pain. She stumbled back, falling against the counter. She looked at the bleeding hoof, and sobbed quietly to herself, trying to think of things to calm herself down.

I could use my bin- NO! Snap out of it, dammit! She started sobbing harder, sucking on the wound on her hoof.

It was the longest time before she finally regained her composure. She stood, and limped out to get something to cover the wound and clean up the glass. She was angry, stressed, and irritated. Her money went to alcohol and... those things. She was having trouble with her own bills. She was spending every night at the bar. Her life was terrible, and her condition made it no better. Or... did it? No. No it didn't.

I hate myself... I'm so sick... I need help.

Steam woke to a surprise. Vinyl had moved from her position and joined the two in her bed. Steam smiled and rolled her eyes as Colgate stirred. Colly lifted up blearily.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." Steam teased softly. "What do you want for breakfast?"

Colly groaned.

"Do you know what you want? We got a long day today." She paused, and the mare shook her head. "Okay. You can think about it while I change your diaper, okay?"

And she did, deciding on cereal and milk. Not but a minute after, Vinyl was awake, and Steam repeated the process.

Colgate blearily sat at the table with Vinyl. Steam tied their bibs around each of their necks. 

Steam poured the two bowls of cereal and brought them to the table. Steam fed them together, in turns. When one chewed, she fed the other. Colgate looked away for a moment, right as a spoon was about to head into her mouth. The milk spilled on the bib as Colgate flinched.

"Oopsie. I'm sorry!" Steam smiled. She took another spoonful, this time landing it in Colgate's mouth successfully. She got another for Vinyl. "Dropping the bass! Open wide!"

Vinyl giggled at the pun as the spoon went into her mouth.

Colgate was nervous. She would have to be a big filly today. She wanted to stay home and be the little foal she really was. This was where she was comfortable. But it was also the problem that she had with Ponyville: Berry Punch. Her ex-best friend.

A spoon interrupted her thoughts.

"Open up, here comes the Wonderbolt!" A spoonful of cereal went into her mouth. She chewed it up and swallowed. The process went on for several more minutes, with little of interest happening out of her usual comfort zone.

The three headed into the den. Vinyl began to play, taking little real notice of Colgate cuddling up beside Steam. The blue unicorn snuggled into her chest nervously and whimpered, and it didn't take long for her mommy to notice she wasn't as enthusiastic as she usually was.

"What's wrong, Colly? Are you sick?"


"Still nervous?"

Colgate nodded slightly.

"It'll be fine, Colly. You'll see. I won't let anything happen, and if anything does, I promise I'll take care of it, okay? Go play with Vy-Vy for a while longer."

"Otay." Colgate hopped off the couch and joined Vinyl on the playmat, who squeed at getting a partner. The two playfully pounced on one another, tagging each other with toys or tickling each other.

"Dis isn' mwai tuwn table!" Vinyl teased, having caught the other mare in a belly rub. Colgate giggled away, laughing almost until she could no longer breathe. Steam grinned at the sight. The two foals playing with each other were adorable.

She guided them one at a time to the bathroom and bathed them. Colgate was surprised that she didn't take a diaper in with her.

"Diapee?" she asked quietly.

"No, Colly. You have to be a big filly today, remember? We have a train ride. When we get to Vinyl's house we'll get you a diapee and you can be little again, okay?"

She pouted. "Otay..."

"Aww. It'll be fine, baby. You know it will."

They headed out to the den. Vinyl was looking like her adult self, complete with her signature glasses.

"We ready to go?" she asked.

"Yep." Steam responded, and the three headed out the door, going for the train station. Halfway there, Colgate stopped.

"I'm not sure this is a good idea! I should probably go home and -"

"Be locked out?" Steam grinned. Colgate came to a sudden realization: she never asked for a copy of the key to the house. She glared at Steam, who just grinned wider at the realization.


"Not cheating if you never ask for a copy of the key."

She was forced to concede. She looked around. It looked like there was no getting out of it; she would have to go to Ponyville with them. They made it to the train station, buying their tickets.

"All aboard to Ponyville!" the conductor cried. The three ponies boarded the train and took seats quietly. For Colgate, it would be a long ride.

Colgate yawned as they got off the train. Ponyville. She shivered to herself. Such an accepting place accompanied so many bad memories. 

The three trotted through the town square. Colgate's nerves flew all over the place. She looked around, hoping not to see Berry anywhere close to her. She phewed silently when she didn't see the earth pony anwhere around.

They came to a small house. It was a fairly modern day cottage, much like the other houses of Ponyville, with a simple thatched roof. Vinyl opened the door.

"Come on in! Octy won't mind."

The other two mares followed Vinyl into the cottage, settling in the den.

"Vinyl! Are you ho-?"  a gray mare came from a hallway leading into the room. "Oh, you brought friends. Steam and... who is this young mare?"

Colgate shyly waved at her.

"Octy, this is Colgate. The one that Steam was settin' up that playdate for? They're stayin' here for tonight so they can get her more stuff."

"Ah! I see," Octavia replied. "So this is the 'baby,' I presume? Hi there. I'm Octavia Melody, but you can call me 'Octy' or 'Tavi' for short. Either one is fine. What is your name?" The earth pony seemed to entirely ignore Vinyl's introduction of the mare.

"C- C- Col- g- gate Minuette." Colgate stammered in reply.

"Oh. That's a wonderful name," Octavia replied. "So sophisticated and eloquent."

Colgate blushed and shied back.

"It's alright, dear. I don't bite. I'm surprised you're not already diapered up! I already help Vinyl when she does it, like I'm going to mind if you do it as well." The gray mare was pretty social for somepony so well mannered and seemingly prissy (so Vinyl said). 

"Oh yeah! I did promise to diaper you back up once we got here, didn't I?" Steam perked herself up from the realization. She stood and started for the saddle bags she had brought, only to be stopped by Octavia.

"Eh-eh. I'll take care of it. You're guests, after all."

"But I'm her-"

"You're also my guest. I'll take care of it."

Steam conceded. Octavia dug into the saddle bags and pulled out one of the diapers and the foal powder.

"Does she prefer to have it done in private?"

Steam shrugged. "I don't really know. I changed her in private while Vinyl was with us but I've never asked if she preferred it or not. We usually keep her foal hood pretty private from the outside world, so she's not diapered when we're in public or have guests."

Octavia nodded. "Well, for comfort reasons. Colgate, do you want to change in the bathroom, or out here?"

"Bafroom, pwease." Colgate said shyly. Octavia guided her from the area she had been sitting, leading her to the bathroom with items in hoof and mouth. She shut the door behind her and had Colgate lay down. Colgate felt her nerves wrack. Not only was she in Ponyville, she was about to be diapered - by somepony she didn't even know. She had no idea how to deal with it. As much as she enjoyed being cared for, the idea of somepony strange to her pampering her was... weird.

"You don't have to be so shy, Colgate. I'm a friend. I won't tell anypony about your... activity. Okay? I won't hurt you or anything. Don't be so nervous. Relax."

Colgate nodded. Octavia almost perfectly mimicked Steam's gentle hooves with the powder and diaper, taping it on just right in the same way; not too snug, but not too loose. She gently tapped Colgate on the nose.

"Boop!" she said, smiling. Colgate blinked, and then giggled. Maybe it wasn't so bad.

"Again, again!" Colgate said excitedly. Octavia tapped Colgate's nose again.


Colgate giggled again. Octavia laughed politely and stood her up.

"Okay. Shall we go back out now?"

Colgate nodded. She was smiling again. They trotted from the bathroom - or rather, in Colgate's case, waddled. Steam let out a "d'aww" as they got back into the den. Colgate looked at the other two ponies.

They were standing at the door. Steam spoke up.

"Octy, is it fine if Colgate stays here with you? She just got diapered up and I'm pretty sure she already knows Ponyville like the back of her hoof. Vinyl decided to show me around."

Octavia responded with a nod. "I don't see any issue with it."

Steam hugged Colgate and pecked her on the top of the head.

"Mommy's going out for a bit. I'll be back, okay?"


They stepped out the door and closed it behind them.

Vinyl and Steam made their way through Ponyville. Vinyl showed her the sites around, including the Caurosel Boutique, the library, and the town hall. The town was small and surprisingly friendly. Better than Manehattan, at least, to Steam. She turned to Vinyl.

"Hey... Vy. Odd question. Do you know a pony named Berry?"

"Yeah, I know her. Why?"

"Colgate mentioned her when she was nervous. I think that pony may have been the reason she was so hesitant to come back."

"Berry Punch, the town drunk. Wouldn't surprise me at all if she chased Colly outta town. That pony has a habit of prying into places where she doesn't belong and berating others for it. I don't think she does it maliciously, though. I honestly think there is something wrong with that pony."

They arrived in the market area. Stalls were set up everywhere - everything from apples to celery were being sold as ponies shouted for others to buy their wares.  The two decided to browse around for a bit before continuing their walk.

Colgate played silently. She was hesitant to get as loud or hyper as usual, afraid of doing something that may upset Octavia. Even though the mare had told her not to be shy, she couldn't bring herself to break the timidness. Octavia looked up at her from her book.

"Having fun?"

Colgate blushed and nodded. Octavia rolled her eyes and smiled. She stood up, trotting towards Colgate and her small collection of toys she was fiddling with.

"If you're this shy as a foal, I worry about the condition the adult you is in. I told you. You don't have to be shy. No, you don't! No you don't!" Octavia cooed her. She had to admit that there was something comforting about the mare, despite not being the one she had attached herself to. "What are you playing?"

Colgate timidly blushed and kept quiet. Octavia chuckled.

"Still too shy. Alright. I'll prove I'm not as prissy as I look. I'll count, you hide." Colgate just sat there, wondering what was going on. Was she offering a game of Hide-and-Seek? The answer was quickly confirmed.

"If you don't hide, I'll tickle you!" she grinned. In almost a second, Colgate had bolted from the room looking for a hiding place, leaving Octavia counting at the playmat. 

She looked around, finding an empty cabinet. She crawled in and closed it, giggling softly to herself. Attempting to muffle the noise, she put a hoof over her mouth. She opened the cabinet just a little tiny bit - watching the gray mare who had entered the hallway. She continued to fail to control herself, slightly giggling.

Her bladder panged. She responded with the usual thing, her diaper turning a slight yellow color. She stayed quiet, not wanting to get tickled by Octavia.

"Where's the little filly?" Octavia cooed softly.Colgate attempted to stay quiet, not responding to the question. Steam had used that trick on her once already; she wasn't about to fall for it again.

Then, a hoof suddenly reached into the cabinet, tickling Colgate mercilessly. "There she is!"

Octavia kept tickling her as she crawled out of the cabinet, desperately trying to get away. She rolled over on her back, unwillingly laughing.

"Otay, otay! Stahp, stahp!" Colgate yelled out with a forced laugh as Octavia continued her tickling. Octavia finally stopped, a grin on her face. Colgate sat up, poking at her diaper with her hoof. She was soaked. The past few days of not having to generally use the bathroom had left her unaware of how much she contained now and then.

"Uh-oh. Looks like somepony wet their diapee!" Octavia cooed. "Do you want a changey?"

Colgate blushed. Octavia had made the decision long before she asked that question. Octavia stood her up, ushering her back into the bathroom. The process was the same; but the same thing was different. It wasn't her mommy. Octavia noticed this.

"I know it's strange, sweetheart. To have somepony other than your mommy taking care of you seems quite the bit different. Especially when it's somepony you don't even know, huh? But, listen. I'm still somepony who cares, right? Just think of me as... your foalsitter."

Colgate nodded. Somehow, that made sense. She was, after all, taking care of her while Steam was away. And it was only temporary. She relaxed.

"There we go. Relax, darling. Nothing to worry about."

Berry stared into the mirror, dazed and partially drunk. Bourbon had its effects, but her nerves were still shot.

She walked into her room, picking up toys, pacifiers, and various other foalish objects she had acquired. She shoved them all into her closet, left slightly open to remind that she was a sick minded pony. She could always see her... itemry inside of the closet, awaiting her with as tempting a gaze as an inanimate object could give. She turned her head away. Sick, sick, sick; that's what she was.

She shook her head, and walked out of the bedroom, taking note of how many diapers she had left. She already knew she would have to restock. She knew she would give in. No matter how hard she resisted, she was sick. Maybe not today, not tomorrow, not this month, but eventually she would succumb straight into the temptation. She would buy more diapers and enjoy herself, then feel the disgust at herself for giving in to her addiction. It was bad enough that she never even used the front door of the store.

She sat and thought, looking at her bandaged hoof. She would have to do it today. There wasn't any point to prolonging it... she had to go today. She could do it on her way to... what'd she have to do today? She do it on her way to get some celery! Yeah, celery! Wait... did she have enough bits to get both diapers and celery?

Well, then, she could just get them that way she had them when she got too drunk! Of course! Nopony would suspect a thing. Of course they wouldn't. She had accidents before...

She stood, still limping on her bandaged hoof, and walked out the door of her house, happy with her excuse.

Steam walked back into the small cottage, accompanied by Vinyl. It was a nice tour of the small town; the buildings were nice and the ponies were nicer. Now, though, it was time to do what they had come to Ponyville to do. She spotted Colgate playing gleefully on the floor. Octavia walked out from the kitchen.

"Ah. You're back." She smiled gracefully. Steam smiled back. She sat over with Colgate, who snuggled her immediately.

"Heey there, Colly. Did you have fun?" she asked patronizingly. Colgate nodded excitedly. "That's good. Are you ready to be a big filly so we can get you more stuff?"

Colgate's nod went limp, turning nervous. 

"It'll be fine, Colly. Honest." Steam hugged the diapered unicorn. "Now, let's get you all readied up, okay?"

She laid Colgate down and removed the diaper. She wiped the mare down and stood her back up. Steam dug back into the saddlebags she had brought earlier, pulling out a mane brush. She brushed Colgate's mane and tail, much to the unicorn's dismay due to the horrendous number of tangles.

They trotted out the door together, heading in the direction of the adult foal store.

Chapter SevenEdit

Ponyville Forever Foals bore the appearance of a normal warehouse on the outside, but Berry knew better. It was what was on the inside that mattered. She stepped into the back entrance hesitantly as usual. She already knew the clerk had seen her - fortunately the clerk was willing to keep secrets, same with everypony else. She was even accomodated the use of the back entrance to prevent even other... sick ponies from finding out.

The warehouse was very foalish and festive on the inside. Pink lace was everywhere, and as with any foal supply store, there were toys, diapers, and other items - albeit resized for their larger audience. Berry headed immediately to the end section, where the diapers were held. She grabbed the largest pack available in her size, just so she wouldn't have to come back and restock before too much time passed.

Quickly heading to the clerk, she made it clear she wasn't there for idle conversation, as usual. She paid for the product, and went back out, stuffing the package into a saddle bag. She began the long trek around to the front, to get back onto the road.

Steam and Colgate looked up at the warehouse.

"So this is it, huh? Looks kinda... bland."

"Yep. They can't exactly put a big sign out front; most ponies who do this are a little secretive about it."

"Oh yeah. Good point." The pegasus stretched her wings calmly. "Well, let's go on in, shall we?"

Colgate nodded.

Bright light flooded the inside. The shelves, the tables, everything was decorated in pink lace. Festive paintings and drawings decorated the walls, adorned by adult sized hoof prints. The main of the warehouse was separated into aisles - toys on one end, diapers on the other, and everything in between. And surprisingly, for something so honestly rare, a number of ponies were within the store - ponies from Las Pegasus, Manehattan, Fillydelphia, and Steam could've swore even a couple right out of the sweet-and-elite of Canterlot.

The two mares trotted through to the end, at the diapers aisle. Steam grabbed the biggest, thickest pack she could find, much to Colgate's dismay due to the now changed brand. And much to the dismay of a confused Colgate, she brought them up to the counter and paid for them, before asking about personalized orders. The unicorn had no idea what to think of the other mare's decision to fancy her up. A voice buzzed in her ear.

"Colgate! They need to see your cutie mark. They're going to print it on the diapers."

"Oh, right... Sorry."

She showed the clerks her cutie mark, and they began to draw it out. Upon finishing, they sent the two off to finish their shopping. Steam trotted about, before the toy finally stopped at an aisle full of a number of stuffed animals.

"Pick one!"


"You heard me. Pick one!"

Colgate blinked for a moment. She looked at the toys along the aisle. She had Mr. Whiskers, so why did she need another stuffed toy except to...

She realized. Steam wanted her to get a toy that she could be attached to. That wasn't something she had done before... namely because she had spent so long fighting with herself that becoming attached to a toy was out of the question not something she had wanted. She had longed for a toy that she could sleep with, cuddle with, and play with. And now that chance was standing in front of her; she had to make the choice good. She looked up and down the aisle, before finding what was possibly the cutest toy she had ever seen. The attachment was almost instantaneous.

It was a stuffed bear. A blue stuffed bear with a star embroidered on each of its legs and arms, as well as its front, which was decorated with a number of smaller stars. The eyes were adorable. She picked it up; it was soft. Extremely soft. She could feel every worry melt away when she was holding it.

Needless to say, that was the one she picked.

Steam sent for a number of other purchases to be delivered to her house. New toys, crib parts, even a high chair (all of which was exciting to Colgate). Colgate jumped around gleefully, no longer as shy or as timid as she was during the rest of the trip.

"Calm down! You're just like a little foal!" Steam laughed, noting she had said the obvious.

They paid for the bear and the personalized diapers (or rather, the personalization of the diapers), and they left. Noting the outside of the warehouse for further reference, Steam trotted to the side.

"I'm gonna go look around. You gonna wait here?"

"Sure." Colgate sat on the ground in front of the warehouse as Steam trotted around it. She looked around, only to see the worst pony at the worst moment...

Berry went around the corner, coming face to face with a blue mare that she immediately. She gasped.

"It's... you."

Colgate looked around fearfully. "Yep... it's me..."

Berry narrowed her eyes. This was a sick, sick pony, almost as sick as herself, standing right in front of her.